Our “Pet Parent Life” Stories: Chewie & Lucy’s Mom – Part 1

by A Fellow Warrior
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A few months ago, I created a new way for fabulous fur mamas to share their childless pet parent life story.  The opportunity to express our uniquely redefined parent journey resonated with many.  And several fur moms emailed their stories. 

In all honesty, I had originally promised to share Part 1 of Chewie & Lucy’s Mom’s story last month.  But as those of you who follow along regularly know, my Nana passed away on June 1st.  At the end of June, I was preparing to head back to Oklahoma for her Celebration of Life.  And I simply did not have the emotional energy to give proper attention to this incredible pet parent story.  So, I messaged Chewie & Lucy’s Mom, asking her to please forgive the fact that I needed to delay her story for a month.  Because she is most definitely a fabulous one, she graciously understood.  But enough about that!  Today is for joy, not grief! 

As I said previously, this is Part 1 of Chewie & Lucy’s Mom’s Story.  Like me (Maddie’s Mom), their Dog Mom is over-zealous and loves to talk about her fur babies!  So, today, I’m going to let her brag away about her fur kids…

Pet Parent Life: Chewie & Lucy’s Mom . . .

Tell us about your pet baby!  What’s his/her name, nicknames, birthday/gotcha day, age, favorite foods, toys, activities…  Brag away about your fur kid!

Pet Baby #1: CHEWIE
  • Name: Chewbacca is my officially registered namePhoto of Chewie on "Our Pet Parent Life Stories: Chewie & Lucy's Mom" on Not So Mommy..., a childless dog mom blog
  • Nicknames: Chewie, Sweetness, Boof, Love of my love, Mumma’s boy
  • Breed: Purebred Yellow Labrador Retriever
  • Age: 5.5 years old and born in late September 2015
  • Favorite foods: Chicken, Chicken and MORE Chicken! I also LOVE cheese (I can hear Mummy opening up the cheese basket in the fridge from just about anywhere!) I’m partial to any meat and vegetable! I also LOVE carrots, cow’s ears, capsicum, zucchini and YOGHURT! I love it when Mummy makes homemade yoghurt!!
  • Favorite toy or thing to play with:  This toy my parents bought about 4 years ago and it’s my special toy that helps me practice mindfulness. My parents call it “my pacifier.” Mummy was able to find out where to get them and has 3 more saved for me if my current one is ever lost or falls apart from all the chewing.
  • Favorite things to do: I enjoy long walks out with my family, sniffing EVERYTHING, peeing/marking as often as possible, couch cuddles (in the lounge and on the back deck), swimming at the beach or creek and really anything I can spend time with my parents and my sister, Lucy.
  • Siblings: I have a half-sister Lucy (we have the same Dad) and are also related through our birth mothers. She can be a bit much when I just want to laze about and she’s in the mood for backyard zoomies. But most of the time, it’s really PAWsome having a sibling so I have someone to cuddle up with.
  • I love sleeping anywhere I can. The outside day beds, the inside day bed, my bed, my sister’s bed, the couch, the floor, the lounge room dog bed. Options are important.
  • I love car rides, especially having the window down so I can smell & see the world whiz by. It’s funny when people in other cars like to wave hello to me.
  • Apart from when I tend to bark at the opossums in our backyard or at any dogs/horses on TV, my Mummy says I’m a very good boy.
Pet Baby #2: LUCY
  • Name: Lucy (named for Luke Skywalker)Photo of Lucy on "Our Pet Parent Life Stories: Chewie & Lucy's Mom" on Not So Mommy..., a childless dog mom blog
  • Nicknames: GooseyLucy, Goose Goose, Lucy McFloozy, Baby girl
  • Breed: Purebred Yellow Labrador Retriever
  • Age: A little over 4 years old, but I’m wise beyond my years!
  • Favourite foods: CHICKEN, CHICKEN, BANANAS and CHEESE! But I’m partial to any meat. I also LOVE cucumbers, carrots, shark cartilage sticks, ham, frozen green beans and raw/cooked zucchini. OMG Yoghurt!! How could I forget to mention how much I love yoghurt?! When Mummy makes kefir, there’s usually a puddle of drool on the floor. I’ve been known to be a bit picky but once I sniff something I like, I’ll eat it.
  • My parents say that I’m a very clever girl because my recall is excellent and since I come back every time I’m called, it helps them make sure my brother Chewie returns when called. (He suffers from #FOMO – Fear of Missing Out)
  • Favorite toy or thing to play with: Anything I can have fun pinching off my brother Chewie because I like to play chasey! 🤣🤣🤣
  • Favourite things to do: Sitting in the kitchen near the fridge when either of my parents is in the kitchen. I have a special spot known as my control tower to get any possible snacks. Also, I love cuddles with either Mummy or Daddy, but it’s also lovely curling up in the corner of our big lounge suite to snuggle up on a big pile of cushions. I have this triangular support pillow that’s sooooooooooo nice to snooze on. And I LOVE going to off-lead parks where I can run and run and run.
  • Siblings: I have a furry sibling named Chewie – we share the same Dad, but I think I take after my Mum who is a bit more petite. I love doing backyard zoomies and once I can get Chewie going, we have the bestest time until he runs out of steam. Quite often, he just stands around waiting until the last possible minute to join in! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ But he really is a PAWsome big brother.
  • I sleep anywhere I can. The outside day beds, the inside day bed, my bed, my brother’s bed, the couch, the floor, the lounge room dog beds. In 2019, my Mummy gave me a triangular pillow that helps me really chillax.
  • I love snuggling & falling asleep with my brother Chewie.

I told you that Chewie & Lucy’s Mom loves to talk about her fur babies!  Reading about their nicknames, favorite toys, foods, activities…  Well, it made me smile!  And I hope it did you, too!  Make sure to check back next month (30th August) when Chewie & Lucy’s Mom tells us how her pet babies have helped her redefine, as well as what she would like others to understand about the childless not by choice pet parent life.

If anything Chewie & Lucy’s Mom wrote resonates with you, fabulous one, tell us about it in the comments!
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