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by Brandi Lytle
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By telling our stories, we can inspire others and realize that we are not alone in our struggles.

During my ten-year infertility struggle, there was a time when I completely lost my joy.  I was so consumed with the fact that I could not get pregnant, but so desperately wanted to have a baby, that I could think of nothing else but my grief.

Unfortunately, this spilled over into my professional life and I did not feel like I was connecting with my students.  I reached out to a colleague and discovered “Good Things.”  You can read that story here.

Sharing “Good Things” helped me to focus on the positive in my life and allowed me to find my joy again.  While it is not always easy and I am certainly not always positive, I try my best to live life focusing on good things.  That is why I share a “Good Things” blog every Monday on Not So Mommy…™.  My hope is to inspire others to embrace their imperfectly perfect lives and find their joy—their “good things.”

I always loved hearing my students’ good things stories, so I thought why not let the Not So Mommy…™ Community share theirs?!  I’d love to hear what good thing helped you focus on the positive and overcome a difficulty in your life—no matter how big or small that hardship was.  By telling our good things stories, we can inspire others and realize that we are not alone in our struggles.

Share your Good Things Stories

Please, complete the “Contact Me” form below (or email Brandi directly at and answer the following questions:

  • What difficulty were you struggling with?
  • Why had you lost your joy?
  • What good thing (no matter how big or small) helped you to start focusing on the positive?
  • What would you like to say to others who are going through the same struggle that you have overcome (or are in the process of overcoming)?

I’ll do a little editing to make sure a variety of topics are covered and that the stories are a good length.  I’ll post them on “Good Things Stories” the last Monday of each month as they fit.  Please know that any personal information that you give (such as your email address) will remain confidential.  You can run your story under any name you choose (or anonymously, if you like).

I can’t wait to hear your Good Things Stories!


    Read Our Good Things Stories here

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    m September 18, 2017 - 2:40 pm

    What a wonderful idea!!

    Brandi Lytle September 18, 2017 - 3:44 pm

    Thank you! I hope you’ll share your Good Thing Story. I’d love to hear what helped you get through a difficult time.


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