Redefining Halloween as a Fur Mama

by Brandi Lytle
Photo of a dog wearing a Halloween hat and tie on Redefining Halloween as a Fur Mama on Not So Mommy..., a childless blog

Fall is here, which means the holiday season is rapidly approaching.  While the “-ber months” are often touted as “the most wonderful time of the year,” many childless not by choice think quite the opposite.  From the barrage of back to school photos to feeling like we are missing out on “family traditions” at Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, this last quarter of the year can be tough.

But as is typical here at Not So Mommy…, I want us to find joy in the what is…  I want us to accept, redefine, and embrace our imperfectly perfect lives…  How can we do that?  Well, I believe one way is by changing perspective…

Redefining Family…

Remember how I mentioned that many childless feel like we are missing out on “family traditions?”  Well, I think that all depends on what you believe a “family” is.  For me, my family includes my hubby, our exchange daughter, nieces, nephews, and our fur baby.  Yes, Maddie is an integral part of our family.  Because of this, we celebrate every, single holiday with our four-legged kiddo!

Redefining Halloween…

That means, we will be visiting the Pumpkin Patch.  Maddie will, of course, wear a costume on Halloween.  And I will take TONS of photos, posting shamelessly on social media!  Yes, I am an over-zealous Dog Mom and proud of it!

I’m not the only over-zealous fur mama, though.  Recently, Lindsay, a blogger specialist & dog mom to two adorable English bulldogs, contacted me about the Wayfur Halloween Pet Costume Contest.  She encouraged me to submit Maddie’s photo.  Also, she hoped that I would let you, fabulous ones, know about this fun opportunity for pet parents.  Well, of course, I’d LOVE to share how we pet lovers can get involved with some Halloween fun!

A Halloween Pet Costume Contest!

So, here’s what you do…

  • Dress your fur baby in their most adorable (or most scary) Halloween costume
  • Take a pic (or two or three… Or twenty-five, if you are like me! LOL)
  • Submit your favorite (unmodified) photo to from now until 1st Nov 2019
  • Include your name & your pet’s name with your photo

The awesome part is…

  • All submissions will be featured in a Photo Gallery
  • Three lucky entrants will win Wayfair gift cards, valued at $500, $250, & $100 (Winners will be drawn randomly and notified 4th Nov 2019)

If you win, I suggest you consider buying one of Wayfair’s fancy dog sofas…  ?

The bad news…

  • Unfortunately, this contest is only available to US residents.  ☹

But not to worry, my international fabulous ones!  On 31st October, I’m going to ask the Not So Mommy… Facebook community to post pics of their adorable fur babies in Halloween costumes.  Plus, anyone, anywhere in the world, can check out the Wayfur Halloween Pet Costume Contest Photo Gallery.

Now, to choose my favorite Halloween photo of Maddie…

This is NOT a sponsored post.  This post does NOT include affiliate links.  If you purchase something from Wayfair, I won’t get paid a dime.  I just thought this was a super cute contest and wanted to let my fellow Fur Mamas know about it.  🙂


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Featured Photo:  Created by me, using Canva

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