Redefining with Canbace Creations

by Brandi Lytle
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Photo of the CANBACE Flamingo LogoWhen I think about redefining with canbace creations, my husband and my remodel immediately comes to mind.  This is the first house that we have ever owned that we are creating just for the two of us…

Trigger Warning:  Brief discussion about our homes and family dreams before we knew…  Just skip ahead to “Trigger Warning Over” if you are feeling a bit vulnerable today.

Our “Starter Home”

When my husband and I purchased our first little house, we knew it was a “starter home.”  It had enough space for a nursery; however, we were certain that we’d run out of space as our little grew.  Plus, we wanted to be in a better school system.

Our “Family Home”

So, six years later, we started building what we thought would be our “family home.”  It was a 3,300 square foot house with three bedrooms, two and a half baths, plus a study.  Because the study was adjacent to the master bedroom, we were considering using it as the nursery.  (We were going through infertility treatments while building this home.)  There was a large bedroom upstairs, however, that we designed specifically for our first little.  And a second one was available for a future brother or sister.

Well, our story didn’t turn out quite like that…

Trigger Warning Over

Our Little, Log Cabin . . .Olive Green Childless Not By Choice Awareness Ribbon on Not So Mommy...

About two and a half years ago, having accepted that we were indeed childless, we bought a little, log cabin on acreage.  It was a disaster, a true fixer upper.  But we knew we had the time and resources to devote to this house.  Plus, we didn’t have two-legged littles underfoot who might get hurt in the midst of a major remodel.

As we started working on what I affectionately call “the project house,” it is the first time that we have created a home specifically for our current family—me, my hubby, and our fur baby, with special places for our exchange daughter when she comes to visit.  And the space that I love the most is one especially designed for the three of us who live in our home daily…

Our Snug . . .

Photo of Our Snug for November's #CanbaceChallenge - Canbace Creations on Not So Mommy...Because we don’t need three bedrooms, we turned one of them into what we call our “snug.”  This cozy room has a high-top counter with two barstools where Dane and I eat dinner.  There are two comfy chairs in which we sit and watch TV, drinking hot tea.  In the corner, there is a basket full of Maddie’s toys, her bed, and one of her water bowls.  The walls are decorated with black and white photos of family, friends, and all our kids—Maddie, Bruna, nieces, and nephews.  The urns with Prancer and Valentine’s ashes are displayed, a couple of pumpkins, my favorite doll (Victoria) from my childhood, as well as dried flowers from our wedding and my Daddy’s funeral.  Everything in our snug depicts who we are…  A childless, NOT childfree couple who is creating a new, beautiful and courageous existence.  A canbace couple…

We are creating many spaces in our little, log cabin…  A small, fenced yard for Maddie, a beautiful bedroom and bathroom for Bruna (and other guests who visit), a gorgeous great room for entertaining.  But our snug…  Yes, that is our canbace creation.  Because our snug is just for us…

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Sherry Stout November 2, 2018 - 9:05 am

Your snug is definitely a beautiful, personal and cozy creation. Love it!!??


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