Pineapples: A Symbol of Friendship for the Infertile

by Brandi Lytle
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Pineapples didn’t always make me smile.  They were never my favorite—neither in looks nor taste.  Oh, I enjoyed a slice of pineapple to cool down the spicy burger at my favorite hamburger joint downtown.  But to wear, eat, and decorate with pineapples?  That simply wasn’t me.

Pineapples for the Infertile

And then, I started seeing pineapple pins show up on my Instagram feed and learned that they are becoming a symbol of friendship and solidarity within the infertile community.  For the ttc community, pineapples give hopes of fertility.  But for those of us who are childless, I think pineapples can symbolize something different…

Pineapples for the Childless

Traditionally, pineapples have always symbolized friendship and warmth.  So, when I see the smiling pineapple pins pop-up in my feed, I don’t think about good vibes for positive infertility treatments, but rather a kinship with a group of women who know what it feels like to struggle and battle and hope…

For me, pineapples connect not only those trying, but those who tried, as well.  And for me, those who tried not only includes the infertile, but all who walk the childless path, no matter the circumstance that brought them here.

Pineapples for the Strong & Sweet

I think pineapples evoke these sentiments in me because of a saying that has become popular over the last few years…

Be a pineapple.  Stand tall.  Wear a crown.  And be sweet on the inside.

Photo of a pineapple on a beach with the quote "Be a pineapple. Stand tall. Wear a crown. And be sweet on the inside." on Good Things Bog on Not So Mommy...

Be a pineapple on Not So Mommy…

How absolutely amazing is that?!  And how absolutely perfect for our childless not by choice tribe!

We should stand tall.  We have been through a lot.  We struggled, and we survived.  We love despite broken hearts.  We move forward, embracing a Plan B that we never really wanted but are determined to make work.

We should wear a crown.  For all the reasons I mentioned and more, we deserve to have something special, something valuable, something amazing atop our heads.  Because we should hold our heads high to show the world that although we are childless, we are most definitely not less!

And we are the sweetest on the inside.  I have met the most incredible women since starting Not So Mommy…  Our childless tribe helps and hugs and loves BIG!  We are so super sweet…

Pineapples for Our Entire Tribe

So, when you see pineapples…

  • Think of those still in the battle and send them some strength to make it through.
  • Think of the amazing friendships that you have made because of your struggles.
  • Think of yourself and stand tall, never letting your crown fall.
  • Think of how amazing it is that you remained sweet despite the bitter hand that life dealt you.

Because, fabulous one…

You are a pineapple!


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Jane P (UK) June 13, 2018 - 12:10 pm

Thank you Brandi – I honestly want to wear a crown (doesn’t have to be the real deal – but something sparkly that acknowledges the difficulties and the pride I feel in keeping going). As this represents the infertility struggle of those still trying though, I worry a bit about people thinking I’m still trying. Its taken a lot to let go……

Brandi Lytle June 14, 2018 - 11:23 am

I totally understand, Jane. We need a symbol just for we childless…

Sherry June 4, 2018 - 3:27 pm

I have alway loved pineapple. Now with the symbolism it is even better. Your community is all standing tall and wearng a crown! Praise be to God.???


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