Our “Pet Parent Life” Stories: Pagal’s Mom

by A Fellow Survivor
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As Dog Mom’s Day was earlier this month, I think it’s the perfect time to share another Pet Parent Life Story.  And Pagal’s Mom . . .  Well, she and Pagal have a beautiful story to tell. 

So, let me turn it over to Pagal’s Mom…

Pet Parent Life: Pagal’s Mom . . .

Tell us about your pet baby!  What’s his/her name, nicknames, birthday/gotcha day, age, favorite foods, toys, activities…  Brag away about your fur kid!

Photo of Pagal on "Our 'Pet Parent Life' Stories: Pagal's Mom" on Not So Mommy..., a childless dog mom blog

One of my fur baby’s names is Pagal. He is a three-year-old Australian Shepherd. He also goes by such nicknames as Pagallypoo, Baby-Boy, Munchkin-Man, Fluff-Butt, and Cutie-Patootie.

Pagal’s favorite thing in the world is snuggling mommy and daddy. He has to always be touching us at least a little bit!

Pagal was born January 25th, 2018. His first owner bought him from a breeder in Pennsylvania and brought him home to Connecticut. It quickly became clear that something was odd about him. He had outbursts of panic attacks and didn’t seem to be able to see. It was finally discovered that he was blind–most likely due to poor and/or irresponsible breeding–and had some neurological issues, as well.

Overwhelmed by the idea of raising a blind dog, the owner sought me for help and asked if I would be willing to take him, rather than the alternative which was euthanizing him. As a dog trainer, and someone who has worked with special needs dogs, I decided to welcome him into our home.

How has your pet baby helped you redefine, create a new plan, find joy despite…

Pagal proved to be a challenging dog. It took him awhile to trust us and learn to come to us when he felt scared. His panic attacks were hard to predict and control. The smallest thing could set him off.

As we learned to live together, I learned to read him better and understand his issues more and more. In turn, he learned to trust us and depend on us to keep him safe.

What would you like others to know (or understand) about the childless not by choice pet parent life?

Pagal has helped me heal because when I think about our relationship with him, I think about all the love it took to save him from being euthanized and to deal with his issues every day. I think about moms who have special needs kids, who most of the time didn’t get a say in the matter. The love and care those mother’s show is so admirable. But at the same time, I think choosing to voluntarily love and care for someone who has special needs can be even more so. I am so happy to have my beautiful baby boy.

Pagal’s Mom . . .  Fellow Fabulous Dog Mom . . .  THANK YOU for sharing your Pet Parent Life Story!  I love your perspective that “choosing to voluntarily love and care for [a fur baby] who has special needs” is admirable.  I couldn’t agree more!  You are PAWsome!

If anything Pagal’s Mom wrote resonates with you, fabulous one, tell us about it in the comments!
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