Our Good Things: Brandi’s Story

by A Fellow Survivor
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As lived by Brandi Lytle

I’m Brandi, the blogger here at Not So Mommy…  Because it’s my birthday month, I decided to share My Good Things Story with you…

What difficulty were you struggling with?

Wow.  This is a hard question, as I’ve had many struggles throughout my infertility journey and accepting a childless not by choice life.  But ultimately, my biggest struggle was I had lost my joy.  Life seemed pretty bleak, and I just felt sad all the time.  I was so tired of being tired…

Why had you lost your joy?

I fully lost my joy about six years into our infertility battle.  We had moved two hours away from friends and family, I was teaching at a new school where I did not feel like I was connecting with my students, and having a child seemed like an out-of-reach goal.  I was sad, tired, moody, grumpy…  Let’s just say that I was not a fun person to be around.  (I’m so glad that others showed me grace during this time.  You can read about that here.)

What good thing (no matter how big or small) helped you to start focusing on the positive?

At the time, I did not realize how depressed I really was.  I thought my biggest issue was not being able to connect with my students.  So, I reached out to a colleague who introduced me to “good things.”

Every Monday, my students and I would share a good thing from the weekend.  It was incredible the change that happened in my classroom.  The kiddos and I started connecting, plus I was forced to find some bright sides in my life.  (You can read the full story here.)

What would you like to say to others who are going through the same struggle that you have overcome (or are in the process of overcoming)?

No matter what struggle you are facing, I encourage you to find at least one good thing in your day.

Now, I understand that may be very difficult.  When going through infertility, I was often so completely exhausted from the emotional highs and lows that seeing a bright side was nearly impossible.  But I have learned that there is always something good, if we only look for it.

Perhaps your husband unloaded the dishwasher, a colleague told you that she liked your outfit, a complete stranger let you over in bad traffic…

Maybe it’s a sunny day, you got all green lights on the way home from work, or your fur baby gave you lots of cuddles while you were watching TV…

It could be a friend texted just to say hello, you got the chance to take a bubble bath, or that piece of chocolate you ate was extra yummy…

Just look for the good thing.  Focus on that good thing.  Cling to it, if you must.  I promise one good thing will turn into another…

And before you know it, focusing on the bright side won’t be so hard.

Fabulous one, won’t you inspire others and share Your Good Things Story?  To find out how, click here…

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Mali April 23, 2018 - 11:37 pm

I love this. I’ve always said that it was the little joys that helped me begin to heal.

Sherry April 23, 2018 - 5:23 pm

I love you Brandi.?

Brandi Lytle April 23, 2018 - 5:29 pm

Love you, too. 🙂


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