Our CNBC Stories: 2018 Round-up

by Brandi Lytle
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Our CNBC Stories is a place for the childless not by choice to show that we are more than childless and share how we are redefining CNBC by Creating a New plan Bravely & Courageously.

I always love finding CNBC Stories in my inbox.  As I open these emails, I’m excited to learn more about this person’s journey, about their Plan B, about how they are redefining…

In 2018, seven amazing more than childless warriors, plus myself, shared our CNBC stories.  As the year comes to an end, I thought it appropriate to look back, to gather inspiration from fellow members of our tribe.

The 2018 CNBC Stories . . .

Katie’s Story

Shortly after sharing the “Our Stories” page on social media, Katie* emailed me with her CNBC story.  I am always amazed at how childless women turn a difficulty into a triumph, and Katie is no exception.  She has dealt with mental illness and surgery, yet she still lovingly supports others on their journeys, is redefining what family looks like to her, and is embracing the term “childfree.”  Her story inspired me, and I’m sure it will inspire you, too.  [Read more…]

Brandi’s Story

In April, I “cheated” a bit and shared my CNBC story.  But there was a reason…

There was a time when I would have a near panic attack thinking about turning 40 and still being childless.  My heart would race, my palms would sweat, and I would become short of breath as I thought about what I believed would be an empty life.

In April, I turned 41, a childless woman.  But this fact no longer causes me anxiety and my life is definitely not empty…  [Read more…]

Karen’s Story

In May, with Mother’s Day approaching, I thought it fitting to share the story of fellow childless not by choice warrior, Karen.  She and her husband, Erik, endured eight years of failed infertility treatments and adoptions.  Despite this heartache, Karen has fully embraced her Plan B, calling it “pretty fantastic!”

But what truly struck me about her story was this line…  “I feel like all the roles that define me right now are roles that would have defined me even if I was a mother to a baby.”  Wow!  What an amazing revelation!  [Read more…]

Dane’s Story

In June, because of Father’s Day, I thought it appropriate to share a male perspective on being childless not by choice.  So, I asked my amazing husband, Dane, if he’d be willing to share his CNBC story.  I am beyond honored that he agreed.

Reading Dane’s words brings tears to my eyes, makes my heart swell with love, and reminds me just how blessed I am to have this man in my life… [Read more…]

Kimberly’s Story

Kimberly and I met through Instagram.  I love following along on her fitness journey, as well as seeing photos of her adorable kitties.  After accepting unexplained infertility, Kimberly is definitely Creating a New plan Bravely and Courageously. [Read more…]

Andrew’s Story

In August, while celebrating Not So Mommy…’s one year blogiversary, Andrew Fletcher, of The Childless Not By Choice Magazine, shared his CNBC story.  Andrew and I first met when Nicci, his wife, and I started connecting.  I recorded an episode of Childless Island Disks with him, plus we talked during the We Are Worthy Summit.  While I knew part of Andrew’s story, I did not know all the details.  His childless not by choice journey has been long and complex.  In spite of this, he is embracing the what is and moving forward with his sense of humor intact. [Read more…]

Shannon’s Story

Shannon, of the Happily Ever After (Without Children!) podcast, shared her Good Things Story in September.  In October, she was back to tell her CNBC story.  I absolutely LOVE Shannon’s perspective and the beautifully complex person she is… [Read more…]

Nicci’s Story

I had the pleasure of meeting Nicci Fletcher, of The Childless Not By Choice Magazine and creator of CANBACE, at the end of 2017.  In April 2018, she asked me to be the virtual assistant for the first “We Are Worthy” Summit and since then, we have supported each other in our blogs, childless walk, and life in general.  Nicci has become a very good friend in a short period of time.  Actually, I say that God brought her to me, knowing that he was going to have to take Jennifer home.  But I digress…

Let me turn it over to Nicci to share her CNBC story… [Read more…]

Your Story

What’s your CNBC story, fabulous one?  I’d be honored if you’d tell it to me and the Not So Mommy… community.  You can share using your real name, a pseudonym, or anonymously.  For more information about how to submit your CNBC story, click here.

If you aren’t quite ready to share your story publicly, it can still be quite healing to write about your journey.  Answering the questions asked here may help you learn something new, perhaps giving you a different perspective about aspects of your life.

And if you ever need a listening ear, I am here.  Feel free to email me anytime.  My goal is to help support and encourage.  I never want anyone to feel that they are alone on this childless journey…


*Names have been changed in this story per submitter request.


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