Maddie’s Itchy Paws: Organic Dog Grooming Products

by Brandi Lytle
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Dane and I have been on a health journey for about eight years, eating organic foods and using many organic cleaning and hygiene products.  About two years ago, I realized that Maddie should be on this health journey with us.  After all, she is part of our family, and I want her to live as long and as happy of a life as possible.  So, the first change I made was to start cooking Maddie’s food.  And since my hubby and I eat organic, Maddie eats organic, too.  (You can read more about that here.)

One health issue that we have struggled with is Maddie’s itchiness.  She chews and licks at her paws incessantly.  To try and help this, I’ve added coconut oil to her dinner for two years.  Plus, I clean her paws daily with homemade paw wipes made from essential oils.  But she continued to bite at her paws.  After speaking to our vet, I tried a topical ointment they prescribed.  But even that did not stop Maddie from chewing at her paws.  Not wanting her to ingest the medicine that was for external use only, I did not continue treatment after the first bottle.  And the search for a solution to Maddie’s itchy paws continued…Photo of Spina Organics organic dog grooming products on Not So Mommy..., a childless blog

About two months ago, I discovered Spina Organics, a line of all-natural, vegan, organic dog grooming products.  And it dawned on me…  I was using organic hygiene products for myself and loving them, but I had not switched Maddie’s shampoo to all-natural.  So, I decided to give Spina Organics a try…

The All-Important Disclaimer…

When you use coupon code “NotSoMommy” to purchase Spina Organics products, you will receive 10% off your order* AND I’ll earn a small commission to help keep Not So Mommy… up and running.  Also, though I received free samples from Spina Organics prior to writing this post, this is an honest review, including insights about my dog mom life…

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Spina Organics: All-Natural, Vegan, Organic Dog Grooming Products

Spina Organics Itch Relief

When I received samples from Spina Organics, I was extremely excited to find “Itch Relief” among the products.  Anxious to find out if this organic dog grooming product would really help our fur baby’s itchiness, I gave Maddie a bath.  The Itch Relief shampoo had a very pleasant scent and lathered well.  I scrubbed Maddie’s entire body, giving special attention to her paws, cleaning in between her toes and really rubbing her pads.  Making sure to get all the shampoo thoroughly rinsed (and grateful that rinsing this organic dog shampoo was easier than other products I’ve used), I was curious to see if Maddie would be right back to biting at her feet…

Spina Organics Leave-in DetanglerPhoto of Maddie on Maddie's Itchy Paws - Organic Dog Grooming Products on Not So Mommy..., a childless blog

Our Maddie is a major fur ball!  Her coat is thick, and she does not like to be brushed.  Normally, when I am brushing her out after a bath, we have at least one yelp, and I give up on getting rid of all the tangles.  So, as with the Itch Relief Dog Body Wash, I was excited to give the organic Leave-in Detangler a shot…

After drying Maddie off, I sprayed about three fine mists over her fur and rubbed it in.  To my delight, the Leave-in Detangler made brushing Maddie so much nicer!  There was no yelping, and her coat was so super soft once she was fully dry!

She hadn’t chewed on her paws since getting out of the bath.  But I was still skeptical that it would last…

The next day…

The next day, Maddie went to Day Camp.  Our girl plays hard at camp!  And this time, she not only got sweaty, but she also dumped her water bowl right before I picked her up.  Of course, since she had just gotten a bath!

Despite being a bit of a mess, Maddie did not chew or lick at her paws on the ride to our house.

When we got home, I dried her off.  But I really didn’t want to go through the hassle of giving her a full bath.  So, I tried a couple more Spina Organics dog grooming products instead.

Spina Organics Hydrating Dog Body Wash

Rather than giving a full bath, I decided to use the hydrating dog body wash to simply wash Maddie’s feet.  Dane had mentioned that Maddie’s paw pads were really dry.  He thought perhaps that was why they were so itchy.  So, I thought using an organic, moisturizing dog shampoo to clean her paws might help…

Spina Organics Rejuvenating Mist with Lavender

And to get rid of the wet dog smell…  Well, I misted Maddie’s coat with about three sprays of the lavender Rejuvenating Mist.  It was a very fine mist, and it smelled lovely!  When Dane got home from work, he commented about how good Maddie smelled!  This is a switch because usually on camp day, Daddy says Maddie is a stinky girl!

Spina Organics Daily Facial Cleanse

After a few cuddles, I asked Dane to try the Daily Facial Cleanse with Maddie.  He is normally the one to rub her nose to help loosen up the congestion she has from allergies.  Plus, Daddy deals with the eye boogers!  Though the facial cleanse does work, Dane commented that it was more “liquid-y” than he expected.  He thought it would be more of a cream.  We’ve used it a couple of times, and some does tend to spill since it is a liquid.  Because Dane normally gives Maddie her facial while sitting on the sofa, this is a bit of an annoyance.  So, the daily facial cleanse is our least favorite Spina Organics dog grooming product.

As for Maddie’s Paws…

After two years of searching for a way to alleviate Maddie’s itchy paws, we have finally found a solution!

Four days after giving Maddie a bath with Itch Relief, I noticed that she was chewing a little bit on her paws.  (Though it was nothing like the incessant biting in the past.)  Wanting to keep her from the non-stop licking, I washed her paws again with the organic Hydrating Dog Body Wash.  It has been two days since then, and Maddie isn’t chewing on her paws!  And I am one ecstatic Dog Mom!

After two years of searching for a way to alleviate Maddie’s itchy paws, we have finally found a solution!  I’m going to ask our groomer to use Spina Organics Itch Relief Dog Wash Shampoo and Leave-In Detangler on Maddie every time they bathe her.  I also plan to wash her feet one to two times per week with the Hydrating Dog Wash Shampoo.  If her paws need a bit of extra attention, I’ll give Spina Organics Hot Spot Treatment a try.  And I’ll definitely use the Rejuvenating Mist between baths to keep our girl smelling sweet!

Maddie’s Friends like Spina Organics, too!Photo of Luna with her giraffe on Not So Mommy..., a childless blog

Maddie and I aren’t the only ones impressed with Spina Organics all-natural, vegan, organic dog grooming products.  My aerial instructor is a proud dog mom, too.  So, I gave her a few Spina Organics samples, asking her to give me some feedback.  Here’s what Luna’s mom had to say…

*Disclaimer:  I gave Luna’s dog mommy some of the free samples I received, but I did not pay her to review the products.  She was happy to give me some feedback for free…  Because she’s awesome like that!

Spina Organics Deep Cleansing Dog Body Wash

Photo of Luna's shiny coat after using Spina Organics Deep Cleansing Dog Body Wash on Not So Mommy..., a childless blog

We tried the deep cleansing one!  They smell really nice and [Luna’s] coat is SO shiny today.  She did want to lick her fur after she was rinsed, which is unusual for her.  But maybe it’s because it smelled so good?  -Luna’s Dog Mom

Well, the good news is that since Spina Organics is made from all-natural, vegan ingredients, it won’t hurt Luna!  In all seriousness, Maddie and I are super happy that Luna and her dog mommy liked Spina Organics, too.  And we really hope that you fabulous fur mamas will give these organic dog grooming products a try!

Browse the full line of Spina Organics organic dog grooming products here…

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Minimum purchase of $16 required to receive discount

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Kimberly March 16, 2020 - 10:11 pm

I had no Idea about these organic dog grooming products. These sound like something I would want to use on my dogs. These products would really help with giving my furbabes itch relief. They have long hair so during the summer months their skin tends to get dry and make them feel itchy. This is a product I will definitely be trying out when doing their monthly grooming.


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