My Children Bark

by Brandi Lytle
Photo of our smiling Pomeranian, Maddie on "My Children Bark" on Good Things Blog on Not So Mommy..., a childless blog

My husband and I are in the midst of a huge remodel.  Because of this, closets are filled with things that don’t yet have a place since the entire upstairs is a work-in-progress.  Our master closet had gotten a bit out of control.  For you “Friends” fans, I had started calling it “The One with Monica’s Closet.”

Discovering old fur baby photos…

So, I decided that it had to get organized, which meant emptying its contents into our bedroom.  (It is amazing how much junk can be stuffed into a closet!)  As I reached the back of the closet, tucked behind my winter shirts was a family photo of me, Dane, and Valentine.  For those of you who don’t know, Valentine was our first fur baby.  (I wrote an entire blog about him that you can read here.)  I absolutely LOVE this photo of the three of us.  Although I haven’t found a place to hang it just yet, I left it sitting out in our bedroom because I simply couldn’t hide it away in the closet again.

Dreaming of fur babies…

This past weekend, I had a dream about Valentine.  I was walking Maddie and, all the sudden, he came running over to me.  Hugging, kissing, and petting, I just couldn’t stop loving on him.  Crying, I knew this wouldn’t last, but I was just so grateful to see him again!  I miss Valentine every single day…

Prancer was nowhere to be found, but she always did love to explore.  I imagine she was off running around and finding fun things to investigate…

But Valentine…  Well, he was always by my side–hanging out on the sofa, underneath my feet when I was at the kitchen table, sleeping next to me in bed.  And I was so, so happy to see him again.

“My Children Bark” Dog Mom Shirt

My Mom recently bought me a t-shirt that says, “My Children BARK.”  I think it is too cute, and as a proud dog mom, I wore it when I ran my errands recently.  Yes, I turned a few heads from the regular, ol’ mamas.  And for a moment, I wobbled.  Should I only wear my shirt when I’m at home?

But then, I straightened and thought, “No way!”  My fur babies—Valentine, Prancer, and Maddie—have all shown me unconditional and unwavering love.  Valentine and Prancer helped me survive my infertility battle, and Maddie helped my heart start to heal as I began to accept my childless not by choice life.  They never considered me anything less than their Mommy.  My children bark.  So, I’m not about to let a few raised eyebrows cause me to question my love for them and their love for me.

Embracing My Dog Mom Role…

Yes, I’m an over-zealous dog mom who is beginning to get quite a collection of dog mom shirts in her (now organized) closet.  Among other dog moms and our childless tribe, I freely admit this.  I’m going to proudly claim this to those outside our tribe, as well.  Because no one should raise her eyebrow or avoid eye contact when I smile or judge me because I’m wearing a “My children bark” t-shirt.  I don’t judge your regular ol’ mom shirt…

And the good things are…

So, today’s good thing…  Well, there are several…

It’s good to…

  • be able to remodel your home.
  • have an organized closet.
  • cherish old family photos.
  • see fur babies in your dreams.
  • wear your “My children bark” t-shirt.
  • embrace your fur mama role.
  • proudly show the world who you really are.

Yes, all these things are good things.

So, I will embrace who I am and continue to redefine momhood, creating a new, beautiful and courageous existence.

How about you, fabulous one?  How are you redefining your life?!

Photo of Brandi Lytle, founder and owner of Not So Mommy... wearning her "My Children Bark" t-shirt

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Photos snapped by our exchange daughter and my hubby

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Nicci Fletcher September 2, 2018 - 1:38 am

I LOVE this blog Brandi. I am an over-zealous dog mom too: although I am not sure that you can be over-zealous about something so wonderful and that gives us (and our pups) so much pleasure. You shirt reminds me of a T-shirt that a friend bought our beagle. It was scarlet with “Barking Mad” printed in the biggest, boldest letters you can imagine. She LOVED wearing that T-Shirt because so many people would come up and talk to her. Unfortunately no photos exist of Mischief wearing her T-shirt although we do still have the shirt. Unfortunately apart from her high-viz jacket Cattier doesn’t “do” clothes. So Mischief would definite encourage you to wear your Dog Mom shirt with pride: anyone who doesn’t like it is barking mad!

Brandi Lytle September 2, 2018 - 11:50 am

Thank you so much for these kind words and support, Nicci! I love the “barking mad!” That is too cute, and I will remember that when I’m feeling like judgmental eyes are on me…

Sherry Stout August 20, 2018 - 2:03 pm

Absolutely wear your dog mom shirts anywhere you go. They are adorable and will create more smiles than raised eyebrows. ?????


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