Good Things: Notes, Cards, & Snail Mail

by Brandi Lytle
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I absolutely love the written word.  Putting thoughts on paper so that I can think about exactly how I want to express them…  Capturing feelings in words that can be read over and over and over…  Choosing the perfect card and sending it off to a loved one…  To me, notes, cards, and unexpected snail mail are definitely good things.


I love notes, whether they be texts, emails, private social media messages, or handwritten.  The fact that someone took the time to write me…  Well, it makes me feel special and loved.

So, I try to take the time to write others.  Sometimes it is just a quick text to say hello and other times, I write a long letter.  And I love sending special cards to the special people in my life.


Now, I realize that not everyone agrees that cards are something special.  In fact, some believe they are a waste of money because they will simply be thrown in the trash.  How sad, I think!  I have an entire box full of cards that Dane has given me for birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Days.  Every so often, I open this wonderful package of memories and reminisce…  I love seeing the different cards he has picked out for me over the years and reading his kind words…

The last birthday card my Daddy ever gave me is one of my most cherished mementos.  He passed away about a month after my 24th birthday.  Holding the card that he held and reading the words “Your Dad loves you,” in his handwriting help me feel close to my Daddy even though he has been in Heaven for over 16 years.

I hope those who receive cards from me realize that I took time to pick the perfect one.  I hope they feel the love I am sending…

Snail Mail

Because, for me, snail mail is the best thing!  Going to the mailbox to find an envelope addressed to you…  It’s not a bill or a piece of junk, but a wonderful surprise from someone who cares about you!  Well, just thinking about it makes me smile. ?

A few months ago, I got an unexpected card from my aunt.  It wasn’t my birthday or a holiday.  She just wanted to write me, tell me she loves me, and send me an old photo of my grandpas.  It was a lovely surprise.

Kinds Words From You…

Fabulous ones, I want to thank those of you who reach out to me via emails and messages.  Your beautiful words mean so much.  Your support of my journey and this blog remind me that words do have power, and I’m grateful to be able to use mine for good…

Email Exchange

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we filled our mailboxes with messages encouraging each other on our childless walk?  If you want to get a surprise email, contact me, putting “Email Exchange” in the subject line.  I’ll email your first name and email address to another Not So Mommy… friend who has also contacted me to participate in our email exchange. 

*Note:  By contacting me about the email exchange, you give permission for me to share your first name and email address with another Not So Mommy… community member who has also expressed interest in participating in the email exchange.


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mindy February 24, 2018 - 12:01 pm

I LOVE sending and getting cards, letters, etc. It’s a time to slow down in this fast paced world!

Sherry February 19, 2018 - 3:16 pm

I treasure your cards and notes. ❤?

Brandi Lytle February 19, 2018 - 5:04 pm

I absolutely love yours, as well! I think you are the reason I love cards so much! 🙂


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