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by Brandi Lytle
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While scrolling through Facebook, an adorable puppy pic caught my eye.  Of course, I stopped to read the post and discovered that Dog Mom’s Day is May 12!  And I smiled.  Huge grin, heart bursting, so super excited!!!

Before sharing this amazing news, I did a bit of research just to make sure Dog Mom’s Day is legit.  And I found out that “The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Dog Mom’s Day to be observed the second Saturday of May beginning in 2018.”  How cool is that?!  (You can read more here.)

Dog Mom’s Day, Fur Mom’s Day

Now, a bit like I felt “Infertility Survival Day” should be for all childless not by choice, I think “Dog Mom’s Day” should be for all fur mamas.  I don’t want to leave out the cat moms, bunny moms, and any other fur moms out there…

There is a National Pet Parent’s Day, which has been celebrated the last Sunday of April since 2007.  But for me, I rather like that Dog Mom’s Day is in May.  And I really like that it is before Mother’s Day (often reserved only for those with two-legged kiddos).  And I really, really like that it’s the same weekend as Mother’s Day because now, I have an excuse to celebrate for two days.

A Reason to Celebrate…

And I really need a reason to celebrate.  Because Mother’s Day is tough for we childless not by choice.  Last year, despite my best efforts, I woke up depressed.  Despite believing with my entire heart that I am Maddie’s Mommy, despite knowing that I am Bruna’s American Mom, despite my hubby buying me a card and flowers and making me breakfast, I was sad.  Because I felt like a fraud.

Because the year before when I had decided that I didn’t care what anyone thought…  When I had gotten dressed up and my hubby and I had gone to a restaurant with patio seating, so Maddie could go with us…  The waitress apologized that it was taking so long to get our food, and she looked at us and said, “It is Mother’s Day.”  After she left, I looked at my husband and said, “Why the heck does she think we are here?!”  And I remembered…  I’m not a “traditional mom.”

Being a mom has to do with love…

But I’m going to try again this year.  I’m going to muster all my strength and positivity and looking at things with a different perspective.  I’m going to find all the bright sides and embrace the what is and revel in our Plan B.  I’m going to celebrate my dog mom role on Saturday.  And I’m going to celebrate it again on Sunday, along with being oh so grateful that I got to be a host mom to Bruna.

So, Dog Moms, Cat Moms, Pet Moms, enjoy your day.  And if you are stingy like me, enjoy two days.  Because being a mom has so little to do with biology and so much to do with love…  And we fur mamas, well…  We know how to love!

Now, to get Dog Dad’s Day proclaimed in June…


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Dog Mom’s Day is the second Saturday in May.


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