Good Things: Greenville, SC & Dog-Friendly Cities

by Brandi Lytle
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I love Greenville, South Carolina.  Although it is not where I was born, it has become home.  My husband and I fell in love with downtown, the restaurants, the weather, the ability to get to the mountains in an hour and the beach in three….

But what we love most about Greenville is that it is super dog-friendly.  Although it doesn’t show up on any “most dog-friendly” lists, Dane & I really enjoy living here with our fur baby.

The Greenville Humane Society

One thing I adore is that the Greenville Humane Society is one of the largest no-kill shelters in the Southeast.  They also offer low-cost vaccines, adoption services, and do educational community outreach.  For National Dog Day, Dane & I took advantage of Petco’s free dog treats coupon and donated 3 big bags of Hill’s Pet Nutrition, along with 6 pounds of treats to this awesome organization!  (My super sweet hubby said EVERY dog had to receive a treat.  Since Greenville Humane Society can hold up to 400 dogs, we had to get a lot of goodies!)

The Awesome Weather

Another thing I love about Greenville is because the weather is so great, we can easily eat outside with Maddie for much of the year.  There are tons of dog-friendly restaurants with outdoor seating downtown, Fall’s Park is an amazing place to take an afternoon stroll with our family, and plenty of businesses leave bowls of water (and sometimes treats) outside their doors.  (Maddie can sniff out those treats from a block away! ?)

Doggie Day-Camps

We have several doggie day-camps where puppies can go play while Mom & Dad are at work.  Our crazy girl goes to “school” twice a week to run off energy and she absolutely LOVES it!

Nearby Dog-Friendly Cities

On top of that, Greenville is only about an hour and a half away from Asheville, NC, a city that does end up on the “most dog-friendly” lists.  Maddie is welcome on the Biltmore grounds and there is an excellent Mexican restaurant, the Cantina, just outside the gates.  Or you can hop on over to Cedric’s in Antler Village if you want to stay on-site.  (Maddie sure did love the braised ox-tail from there!)

We spent one Halloween visiting small towns in Upstate South Carolina and southern North Carolina.  Of course, Maddie had on an adorable pumpkin dress.  I love the smiles she gets and the older gentleman who told me I have a “cute kid…”  Well, he made this dog mom’s day!

Perfect for Our Family

Greenville, SC is perfect for our family.  And this is coming from an Oklahoma girl who loves her extended family very much!  But I’m glad God brought us out here because dog-friendly Greenville is where I was really able to embrace my non-traditional family and just live my dog mom life.

Tell me about your town.  Why is it perfect for you?! 










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Sherry Stout September 4, 2017 - 11:12 am

Through you and Dane, I have come to love North and South Carolina as well. So fun to explore new places. ?


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