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by Brandi Lytle
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The main reason that I started this blog was to help other women struggling with infertility, women who wanted children desperately but could not have them, women who felt alone, as if no one could possibly understand their plight…  I wanted to do this because I was that woman a few short years ago, and the isolation was nearly as devastating as the inability to conceive.

What I did not expect when I began sharing my story was to find a community of support for myself.  A group of childless who have embraced me for me without judgment.  A group that makes me laugh and cry and nod my head in agreement.  A group who lets me talk openly about my infertility battle and this childless walk that I am on.  A group who realizes that being childless isn’t the only thing about me because it isn’t the only thing about them, either…

A fabulous member of the CNBC group, Nicci Fletcher

One fabulous member of this group is Nicci Fletcher, who I first connected with during World Childless Week and am now blessed to call my friend.  Nicci has supported Not So Mommy… through social media likes, shares, and comments.  And she even shared her “Good Things Story” in December.  But the thing that made me smile the most was when she asked if I’d like to be the featured blogger in the January/February issue of The Childless Not By Choice Magazine.

Are you kidding me?!  What an absolutely incredible opportunity!  Of course, of course I wanted to participate!

So, we recorded the interview at the end of December, talking quite a bit about my Childless Holidays Series.  It was a lovely chat, and I cannot wait to see the finished product, which will show up in my email today!

The Childless Not By Choice Magazine

The Childless Not By Choice Magazine is an online publication, which will be issued bimonthly.  The free launch issue was impressive!

I cried with Stephanie Phillips as she commented that one of the low points of World Childless Week was the “I am worthy” day.  She explained that this was the most difficult day to get people to write.  They stated that they simply didn’t feel worthy.  I can relate because I couldn’t find the words for my piece until the morning of the actual day.  (You can read my blog here.)

I cried some more as I read Carol’s story (another lovely I met during WCW who I now call my friend) about her relationship with her sister.

I learned about EFT, discovered a couple more blogs to check out, and enjoyed poetry written by Nicci…

Every single page had information I wanted to read because every single page was geared towards the childless not by choice.  How amazing is that?!

Continuing the path of acceptance…

As I begin my 5th year accepting my childless life, I know that I only arrived here—at acceptance—because I grieved and allowed myself time to heal.  Although I felt utterly alone during my struggle, I now realize that I wasn’t really.  I was fortunate and had a support of friends and family who helped me on my journey.  Although not one of them was infertile or childless, they tried to understand…

Finding our tribe…

As I connect with other childless, I’ve learned that not everyone has the support of their family and friends.  Some have truly been walking this path alone.

If that’s you—alone on your walk–how can you heal?

Well, if you don’t have a tribe, find a tribe!  Not So Mommy… and The Childless Not By Choice Magazine would LOVE to be a part of your journey, your support, your tribe…


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