The Essential Pet Parent Bag for Traveling & Visiting Others during the Holidays

by Brandi Lytle
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As a devoted pet parent, I cannot imagine spending the holidays without Maddie.  So, when we travel back to Oklahoma for Christmas, Maddie comes with us.  While most of our family accepts (and even embraces) the fact that I’m an over-zealous dog mom, I still get anxious.  I worry that she’ll bark too much, be too energetic, be underfoot when someone is in the kitchen.  Or the worst…  That she’ll have an accident in someone’s house.

I think I worry about this last one so much because I remember one Christmas when the hostess came into the living room and loudly announced, “Someone pooped in the office!”  There were two puppies there, one of whom was Maddie.  I was mortified.  Why couldn’t she just have cleaned it up and not said anything?!  Why couldn’t she have come over to me and let me know that Maddie might have had an accident?!  Why did she have to scream this information to everyone there?!

Inevitably, our girl has an accident at some point.  It’s not surprising as our routine is completely off.  She doesn’t know which door to stand near to alert us that she needs to go out.  We get distracted visiting with others and aren’t as attentive as we are at home…

But I am determined to enjoy this holiday season.  So, I’ve got to figure out a way to ease my nerves, to keep my anxiety from overtaking…

And it came to me.  I need a pet parent bag with essentials for traveling and visiting others during the holidays.

The Essential Pet Parent Bag

Recently, I got the most adorable crossbody Dog Mom bag in our Pup Mom Crate.  It is the perfect size to create the Essential Pet Parent Bag—not too big, but not too small.  Here’s what I’m going to include in my Essential Pet Parent Bag…

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So, why are these ten items essential for your Pet Parent Bag?  Well, here are my dog mom thoughts…

Poopy Bags

I always walk Maddie around outside before we go inside anyone’s home.  Because I want to be polite if she goes poopy, I’d really like to clean it up.  I hate having to tell the hostess that Maddie pooped outside in the front yard, and I have no poopy bags.  So, Doggy Do Good Premium Pet Waste Bags are a must.  I love these poopy bags because they are plastic-free, vegetable-based, eco-friendly, and biodegradable!

Paw Wipes

Though I get Maddie groomed before we leave for Oklahoma, our girl has a way of finding the dirt!  Because I know everyone has spent time cleaning their homes in preparation for holiday get-togethers, I like to clean her paws before we go inside.  Maddie has sensitive skin, so I use Wags & Wiggles Polish Wipes because they are hypo allergenic, SLS free, DEA free, and paraben free.

Collar & Leash

Now, it might seem that I’m stating the obvious.  I mean, if I walked Maddie around outside to potty, then we should have a collar and leash.  Because your fur baby might go straight into his/her carrier as you leave for the airport, however, I think it’s prudent to remind that a collar and leash are vital.  Actually, I often leave Maddie on leash until she acclimates to her new surroundings.  (And until the door stops opening and closing as guests arrive.  Valentine & Prancer escaped one year.  We spent a harrowing hour searching for them!)

Treats & Bones

Photo of Maddie looking at Savory Salmon Delight Single Ingredient Treat from TruDog on Not So Mommy..., a childless dog mom blog

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Though Maddie’s dog grandmas and doggie aunt get her presents, I’ve learned that it’s best to have some TruDog single ingredient treats and SmartBones handy.  That way, I can give her treats when she goes potty outside and distract her with SmartBones while we are trying to visit.

Collapsible Water Bowl

Of course, I could ask the hostess for a water bowl.  But having our own just makes it easier.  I remember going to the cabinet, getting a bowl, and starting to put water in it for Valentine.  Unfortunately, I had chosen the wrong bowl.  The hostess quickly found a plastic bowl suitable for “the dog.”  Since then, I decided we should just bring our own.

Small Container with Pee-Pee Cleaner, Microfiber Cloths, & Large Baggies

The final three items are things I really hope I don’t have to use!  (But inevitably will, at least once.)  These are to help me be prepared if Maddie has an accident in someone’s home (or at the hotel).  With these three items in my Pet Parent Bag, I can simply clean up any mess.  No need to ask the hostess where the cleaner is.  I know where it is.  In my Pet Parent Bag.  And the large baggies?  Well, I can put the microfiber cloth and/or single-use towels in the baggie.  That way, when I throw it away, it won’t make the room smell like dog urine.  Not only am I being a good guest, but also a conscientious pet parent and hopefully one who is less anxious because she is prepared just in case!

Yup.  The essential pet parent bag for traveling & visiting others during the holidays…  This is going to help ease my nerves Photo of The Essential Dog Mom Bag on Not So Mommy..., a childless dog mom blogand help this Dog Mom more fully enjoy the holiday season!

Other Essential Items for Traveling with Pets

PAWsome Pet Parents, are there other essential items you think should be included in a Pet Parent Bag?  Tell us about it in the comments…
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Sherry December 13, 2021 - 6:06 pm

Our home is a home. Accidents happen and are cleaned up and forgotten. Having family, both 2 and 4 legged, close during the holidays is WAY more important than a spotless home. My wish is that everyone is calm, happy and comfortable.🥰❤💚💜🐾 And doggie kisses are required!

Brandi Lytle December 14, 2021 - 12:25 pm

And this is what makes you the most fabulous Mammo ever! HUGS (and Maddie kisses!)


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