A Dog Mom Review: Puppington, Pup Wax Rebranded

by Brandi Lytle
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The All-Important Disclaimer: Though I received a free Limited Edition Pup Wax Magic Stick™ and a 3-pack of Puppington Pupper Towels Dog Dishcloths, this is not a paid advertisement–just an honest review, including my dog mom opinion about Puppington’s products.  I will not receive any money when you purchase from Puppington, as I do not have an affiliate link with this small, woman-owned business.

As a dedicated dog mom, I love sharing PAWsome products with fellow pet parents.  I also love supporting small businesses, especially those who use organic ingredients and are eco-friendly.  So, I’m super excited to introduce you to Puppington!  Well, it’s more of a re-introduction, as Puppington recently rebranded from Pup Wax, one of Maddie’s and my favorite products.  So, let’s start at the beginning…

From Pup Wax…

In 2019, Julie Napolitano, Founder & CEO of Puppington (then, Pup Wax), reached out, asking if I would review Pup Wax, premium paw protection.  Because Maddie suffers from allergies and itchy paws, I was intrigued to try this “non-toxic, natural barrier formula,” which is designed to “soothe, heal, and moisturize” puppy paw pads.  So, I agreed to write a dog mom review, which published in February 2020.  (You can read my original Pup Wax review here.)  Needless to say, Maddie and I love Pup Wax!  In fact, we continue to use it to this day—over two years later.

Julie and I also collaborated on a giveaway during December 2020.  (We’re going to do another giveaway this May.  More details at the end of this blog!)  And we’ve stayed connected via social media.

To Puppington!

When Julie emailed to tell me that Pup Wax had rebranded to Puppington, asking if I’d write a new review about her expanded product line…  Well, of course, I agreed!

Pup Wax & More Available…

I am happy to report that Pup Wax Premium Paw Protection is still available!  Within the “Classic Collection,” you can choose from original, luxe, vegan, and vegan pro.  There is also a new limited edition Magic Stick™.  Other new products include supplements, a 2-in-1 grooming brush, and fetching balls.

Pupper Towels…

But the new product that I am most excited to tell you about…  Puppington Pupper Towels Dog Dishcloths!  I adore eco-friendly cleaning supplies, so these all-natural, reusable kitchen towels receive four paws in my books!

Pupper Towels’ dog themes are so cute!  Puppington’s claims to “[s]imply wash in the dishwasher” and “re-use for months” are 100% true.  I am currently using one of the three Pupper Towels I received and have washed it several times in the top rack of the dishwasher.  I love using it–rather than regular, disposable, one-time-use paper towels–to wipe up excess water as I wash hands and dishes while preparing dinner.  It really is very absorbent.  And when it is time to toss it, I’m glad that it’s 100% compostable, made from “sustainable German cotton and wood pulp.”

Animal and Earth Friendly…

I’m also pleased that Puppington partners with Eco-Cart, so purchases are 100% Carbon Neutral.  Also, Puppington is committed to using eco-friendly, sustainable packaging.  And, of course, it is not tested on animals.

So, are you ready to shop Puppington?!

Just click here!

What about the giveaway?!Photo of Puppington Pupper Towels Dog Dischcloths on "A Dog Mom Review: Puppington, Pup Wax Rebranded" on Not So Mommy..., a childless dog mom blog

Dog Mom’s Day is Saturday, 7 May, 2022!  So, Puppington has agreed to gift a three-pack of Pupper Towels to one lucky Not So Mommy… Dog Mom! 

Here’s what you need to know…

  • This giveaway will take place on the Not So Mommy… Facebook page from May 4 – 8.
  • All details about how to enter will be posted on Not So Mommy… Facebook Wednesday, 4 May.
  • A random winner will be chosen on the morning of May 9th
  • The winner will receive a three-pack of Pupper Towels Dog Dishcloths!
  • Though I realize there are fabulous ones throughout the world, this giveaway is open to US residents only.
Fabulous one, if anything I wrote resonates with you, please tell us about it in the comments…
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Photos:  Photos of Puppington Products taken by me; Edited using Canva

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