Conversations: The Delightful and The Difficult

by Brandi Lytle
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Conversations.  They can be so delightful and so difficult.  I suppose that is part of their beauty…

I have conversations with Maddie every day.  Our fur baby is very expressive and very vocal.  According to her Daddy, here’s what those wiggles, looks, barks, and gruffs really mean…

Conversations:  The Delightful…

Mommy:  I’m going to have to let you out or you’re going to pee your pants.

Maddie:  I don’t have any pants, Mommy.  That’s the problem.


Mommy:  Be good, Maddie.

Maddie:  I make no promises, Mama.  I make no promises.


Maddie (to other puppies):  My Daddy is bigger than you.  He’ll kick your butt!


Daddy:  Why are you pacing outside the office door?

Maddie:  Because I miss you, Daddy!  It’s been like 2 minutes!  That’s forever!


Daddy:  What’s up, Maddie?

Maddie:  The sky, the clouds.  Why do you always ask me that?


Maddie (whenever Daddy is working):  Why do you always have that black box sitting in front of you, Daddy?  I want to sit on your lap and it’s in the way!


Mommy:  I already gave you a bone, sweet pea.

Maddie:  What’s your point, Mama?


Daddy:  I am petting you, baby.

Maddie:  You have two hands, Daddy.  And you aren’t using the second one.

Maddie and her Daddy never cease to make me smile.  I love our conversations, the way they make me giggle.  The sweet words, the little jokes, the quirky comments…  It’s nice to be able to just talk, to just be…

Conversations:  The Difficult…

Unfortunately, we know that not all conversations are so agreeable.

On 18 July 2018, I’m going to begin an in-depth series entitled “Not So Helpful: Things You Shouldn’t Say to the Childless.”  In this series, I’ll discuss twelve different pieces of advice, jokes, and comments that are hurtful and potentially triggering to the childless not by choice community.  While I know this series is important, I also realize that it will not be light-hearted.

So, I shared today’s cute, little blog specifically because I wanted something fun and silly before we dive in to those difficult conversations that we have all found ourselves in.  The “why didn’t you just adopt,” “everything happens for a reason,” “have you tried…” conversations.

Next week, I’ll share a fellow warrior’s CNBC story.  You can learn how to share your CNBC story here.  And in two weeks, I hope you’ll join me for the introduction blog of the Not So Helpful Series.   To ensure that you never miss a post, subscribe to my email.

Thank you for your support, fabulous ones!  I look forward to seeing where this series takes us…


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Sherry July 4, 2018 - 5:39 pm

And Maddie truly says all the above with her eyes, smile and wiggles. You made me laugh out loud. ??

Nicci Fletcher (@TheCanbaceTribe) July 4, 2018 - 1:48 pm

We have similar conversations with our pups too. When it rains …..

Mum: I’ve just opened the kitchen door for you to go out and your didn’t want to because it’s raining.

Bailey, Cattier, Duval or ALL three if I’m particularly lucky: I know: however, you’re omni-mummy so you may have been able to stop the rain in the time it’s taken for me to walk from the kitchen door to the front door. After you’re human and can do things that I/we can’t!

I love the idea of having a light-hearted blog when you know that you’re about to start a series of more serious discussions.

Brandi Lytle July 5, 2018 - 2:16 pm

Your conversation with your pups made me smile! (And it sounds like something Maddie would say, as well!)


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