This Childless Woman Supports National Infertility Awareness Week® and the Walk of Hope…

by Brandi Lytle
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Wobble Warning:  Discussions about infertility, RESOLVE, hope, and the fact that some DO get the little can potentially cause those of us whose journey ended withOUT a little in arms to wobble.  Because of this, please only read if you are feeling strong enough…

Every April, RESOLVE–The National Infertility Association–hosts National Infertility Awareness Week®.  As a childless by infertility warrior, I join in this week—participating in the 5 day photo challenge, liking posts, sharing information via Not So Mommy…  I’ve even shared my story a couple of times and was part of an article featuring childless advocates.

Some (perhaps many) in the childless community do not support RESOLVE, stating that they have done little to advocate for the childless not by choice sector of the infertility community.  Many of the stories at RESOLVE do involve resolution in terms of pregnancy via IVF, surrogacy, adoption, and more.  In recent years, however, RESOLVE has made an effort to share that not all infertility journeys end with a little in arms.  And for that, this childless not by choice woman is extremely grateful.

While some in our community claim that RESOLVE’s efforts are “too little, too late,” I respectfully disagree.  Their focus is—by far—trying to help those struggling through infertility to become parents.  And that is as it should be.  The fact that they are more than willing to share childless stories…  Well, it shows that they realize the reality of the infertility battle.  There are those who will end their journey childless.  And though this might be difficult to talk about—especially when in the midst of trying—it is one resolution to infertility.

That being said, I am participating in National Infertility Awareness Week® 2023.  And that includes supporting Sue Johnston, of The In-Fertility Advocate, in her efforts to fundraise through Michigan’s Walk of Hope.  I have shared about the Walk of Hope in past years.  (You can read about that here.)  I have also shared Sue’s Story.  (Read that here.)  So, this year, Sue & I decided we should share the stories of others.

I reached out to leading voices within the childless community, asking if I could share their blogs, websites, podcasts, books, etc. on a postcard that will be included in the Michigan Walk of Hope Swag Bags.  Six fabulous ladies agreed to allow me to include their information!  (THANK YOU to the admins at Parents of Paws, Jobi Tyson of Tutum Global, S.K. Reid of PLICA, BR Rolf of Barren Not Broken, Civilla Morgan of Childless Not By Choice, and Kate Kaufmann, author of “Do You Have Kids? Life When the Answer is No.”)  Their logos & book cover, along with the Not So Mommy… logo, will be featured on one side of a postcard.  The other side includes the Childless Not By Choice Awareness Ribbon with the words, “You are not alone…”  (FYI – This is an example of what I use donations for…)

Sue also introduced me to a fellow childless by infertility sister, Kristy.  Kristy graciously agreed to share her story, alongPhoto of Brandi Lytle, founder & owner of Not So Mommy... (an infertility & childless blog) behind the RESOLVE swirl logo with why RESOLVE is important to her and what the Walk of Hope means to her.  Because honestly, the most important thing about RESOLVE and the Walk of Hope is the people.  RESOLVE knows this.  That’s why they talk about what (and who) is “behind the swirl.”

Because my “introduction” has gotten a bit long…  (I’m passionate about this subject, so I have a lot to say!)  Anyway, because this has turned into a blog of its own, I’m going to kindly ask that you click here to read Kristy’s Story.  Because I want to give her words the dedicated attention that they deserve.

So, fabulous ones, please CLICK HERE to read Kristy’s Story…

If anything I wrote resonates with you fabulous one, tell us about it in the comments…
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Mali April 9, 2023 - 12:15 am

I’m really glad you have been featured – along with other No Kidding/Not Mommy bloggers – in Resolve. It’s taken time, perhaps too much, but I’m thrilled they are finally featuring those without children as a real outcome that shouldn’t be scary, and can be wonderful. That was not the case when I started blogging over a decade ago. Many of us have participated in Resolve’s National Infertility Week in the past (as I have), and gradually our presence is getting the message through. I’m thankful you are doing this for those who are coming behind us.

Brandi Lytle April 10, 2023 - 12:10 pm

So many incredible warriors paved the way. I am forever grateful to you, Mali, and all who bravely spoke up–even when others weren’t as receptive to the childless story. You are fabulous! And I so appreciate your support & encouragement!


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