On Childless Holidays: Let’s Have a FUN Holiday Season!!!

by Brandi Lytle
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As I said last week, any post about holidays has the potential to be triggering, as emotions are heightened this time of year.  Be gentle with yourself, fabulous one.  Don’t read anything over the next couple of months if you don’t feel strong enough.  Hugs…

Let’s have a FUN holiday season?!  Are you kidding me, Brandi?!  I’m childless not by choice.  We are still in the middle of a pandemic.  And the US election…  Don’t even get me started on that!  A FUN holiday season…  Whatever.

I have a feeling those are the thoughts that went through some of your heads (maybe most of your heads?) when you read the title to this blog post.  Let me say a heartfelt “THANK YOU” for deciding to read anyway, despite your doubts.

The Truth about the Holidays . . .

Before we talk about exactly what I mean by a FUN holiday season, let’s review a few important truths that I mentioned in last week’s introduction blog to this year’s Childless Holidays Series.

  • Truth #1:  Christmas is for EVERYONE.
  • Truth #2:  Christmas will look different depending on whose celebrating.
  • Truth #3:  Different does not mean bad or worse or sad or weird.
  • Truth #4:  Different means that we can create a holiday season that fits our journey.
  • Truth #5:  Different means ALL celebrations can be fun.  Kids NOT required!

A FUN Holiday Season . . .

Now, I don’t know if you noticed, but I said ALL celebrations can be “fun” (lowercase).  But in the title of this post, I stated, “FUN” (all caps).  That’s no accident…

If you’ve read past Childless Holidays Series, you know that I love acronyms.  In 2018, I redefined HOPE, making it an acronym.  In 2019, it was PEACE.  And this year, in the crazy Covid Christmas year, I’m redefining FUN!

So, while everyone can have a fun holiday season, only the childless can have a FUN holiday season.  Because only the childless can have a…

  • Fabulously
  • Unique
  • Not So Mommy…

Holiday Season!

A Fabulously Unique Not So Mommy… Holiday Season . . .

Okay, so what is this Fabulously Unique Not So Mommy… holiday season exactly?!  Well, I’m glad you asked…

Though I haven’t quite nailed down the exact order that I’m going to publish the Childless Holidays Series, I do know a few things for sure…

Instagram Giveaway

Make sure you check out my Instagram stories this week.  Because I’m going to introduce you to 14 amazing childless not by choice / childfree after infertility warriors.  And you will have the opportunity to WIN a pretty great prize!  AND it’s open worldwide!  So, you fabulous international ones can play along, as well!  YAY!

Our CNBC Stories

In the November “Our CNBC Stories” blog post, SK Reid, founder of the Perinatal Loss & Involuntary Childlessness Alliance (PLICA), shares her journey to Creating a New plan Bravely & Courageously.  Also, in December, I’ll share another post in my “Awareness Ribbons for the Childless Community” Series over at PLICA.

Best Gift for Dog Moms

I’m going to write a complete review on what I think is the Best Gift Ever for Dog Moms!

The Not So Mommy… Shop

I’ve already shared about the brand-new Shop The Ribbon!  Sometime during the Childless Holidays Series, I’ll share more about The Not So Mommy… Shop, which I think has great gifts to give and receive!

A Very Special Blog Post

On November 30, a very special blog will be published, outlining exclusive offers & giveaways for the Not So Mommy… community!  Seven different businesses (plus, Not So Mommy…, of course) have agreed to provide coupon/discount codes or giveaways!  Though some are available to US residents only, I made sure to secure a couple that are open worldwide!

A Round-Up, Resources, & More…

Finally, I’ll also share some ideas about how to create a Fabulously Unique Not So Mommy… (FUN) holiday season, do a round-up on this year’s Childless Holidays Series, and give specific resources about navigating the grief and wobbles that often show up this time of year.

Don’t miss out on the FUN, fabulous one!

Oh, fabulous ones!  I have to say that I am really excited about this Childless Holidays Series!  Make sure you check out the blog every Monday, follow along on Facebook & Instagram, and sign-up to receive the monthly newsletter.  That way, you won’t miss out on any of the FUN!


If anything I wrote resonates with you, fabulous one, please tell us about it in the comments.  (You can simply use an initial rather than your name, if you wish to remain anonymous.)
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