The BEST Gift for Dog Moms!!!

by Brandi Lytle
Photo of Maddie looking at a Pup Mom Crate on The Best Gift for Dog Moms on Not So Mommy..., a childless & dog mom blog

This week, in the Childless Holidays Series, I am so excited to tell you about The BEST Gift for Dog Moms!  (Well, in this dog mom’s humble opinion!)  Now, full disclosure…

The All-Important Disclaimer

I do have an affiliate link with Pup Mom Crate; however, I have not received any free products from this company.  In fact, they didn’t even ask me to write this review.  So, this is NOT a sponsored post.  In other words, I was NOT paid to write this.  Maddie and I just LOVE Pup Mom Crate!  So, I wanted to share my honest thoughts about it with you fabulous dog moms!

Now, for the FUN!

In last week’s blog, I said I wanted us to have a Fabulously Unique Not So Mommy… (FUN) holiday season.  (You can read that full blog here.)  Well, what better way to have FUN than to talk about The BEST Gift for Dog Moms—Pup Mom Crate.

The BEST Gift for Dog Moms

My Dog Mom Review of Pup Mom Crate…

Boxes filled with treats and toys for your fur baby appealed to me.  But since Maddie is allergic to grain, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to give her many of the treats.  To be honest, I was afraid the box would be a waste of money.

When I learned about Pup Mom Crate—a box with goodies for both fur baby and dog mom—I was intrigued. Pup Mom Crate also stated that they share only high-quality treats made with natural products.  So, I decided to order a box for me and my girl.

Pup Mom Crate is a monthly subscription box.  Maddie and I have received five boxes so far, starting in July 2020.  And since I’ve said this is The BEST Gift for Dog Moms, I imagine you’ve figured out that I’ve been impressed!

Each month, we receive a box with 5-8 goodies for both me and Maddie.  In every box, there is a card which outlines all the products, including a photo and brief description of each item.  Here’s what we’ve received so far…

Photo of 5 Pup Mom Crate boxes received by Brandi Lytle, founder of Not So Mommy..., a childless & dog mom blog

Our July Box…

For Maddie…
  • Soda Pup Nylon Chew Toy
  • Yappetizers Chicken Treats
  • Scoochie Pet Pig Ear
  • Scoochie Pet Bully Flavored Chew
  • Steel Dog Roper Plush Dog Toy
For Brandi…
  • With Love, Ani 4th of July Hair Bow
  • Callyssee Body Butter
  • Switch2Pure Konjac Sponge

Our August Box…

For Maddie…
  • Pet Qwerks Nylon Chew
  • Exclusively Dog Harvest Blends Treats
  • fouFIT Fuzzy Wuzzies Toy
  • Snif-Snax Salmon Skin Rolls
  • Freely Beneficial Broth
For Brandi…
  • With Love, Ani Oven Mitt
  • Real Modern Heroes Pup Face Mask
  • ESW Beauty Raw Juice Sheet Masks

Our September Box…

For Maddie…
  • Nandi of Africa Lamb Treats
  • Pet Winery Dog Ice-Cream
  • Sodapup Treat Dispenser
  • Petlou Donkey Toy
  • Scoochie Pet Products Dental Chews
For Brandi…
  • Armoir Fashion Dog Mom Bangle
  • Kinx Fingernail Masks
  • With Love, Ani Pop Socket

Our October Box…

For Maddie…
  • The Pet Gourmet Dental Treat
  • Silver Paw Dog Mailman Toy
  • Sodapup Halloween Bat Toy
  • Butchers Prime BLT Wraps
  • Peanut Butter Bark Bar
For Brandi…
  • Primitives By Kathy Car Air Freshener
  • M. Greengrass Oil Spray
  • With Love, Ani Cheeseboard

Our November Box…

For Maddie…
  • Pet Qwerks Wish BarkBone Chew
  • Shepherd Boy Farms Beef Liver Treats
  • Exclusively Dog Wafer Cookies
  • Steel Dog Turkey Dog Toy
For Brandi…
  • With Love, Ani Apron
  • Skin Chemist Hydrogel Eye Pads
  • After Spa Facial Scrubber

About the Products…

Now, every item isn’t a winner.  Some treats aren’t grain-free, so we give those to Maddie’s fur-cousins.  Plus, Maddie prefers plush toys over nylon chew toys.  But every month, I’ve felt like I’ve gotten my money’s worth.  And there are several items that have been absolute hits!

Maddie’s Faves…

Salmon Skin RollsPhoto of Maddie smiling about her salmon skin rolls from Pup Mom Crate, on Not So Mommy..., a childless dog mom blog

Maddie adores salmon.  Truly, when salmon is what’s for dinner, she can barely contain her excitement!  So, the Scottish *Salmon Skin Rolls from Snif-Snax were a huge hit with our girl!  And this dog mom loves them because they are made with one simple ingredient—air-dried smoked salmon.  Plus, they kept our power chewer busy for a good 30 minutes!

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Corn on the Cob Treat Dispenser

Though Maddie doesn’t particularly care for nylon chew toys, she does like treat dispensers.  And the corn on the cob one from Sodapup was a big hit with both her and me!  I filled the corn on the cob with yogurt and small pieces of carrots, blueberries, and treats.  After letting it set up in the refrigerator, I gave it to Maddie while she hung out in her yard while Dane and I worked in the flowerbeds.  It kept Maddie busy for over an hour!  That is absolutely incredible for our fur-baby, who gets easily distracted.

Grain-Free Treats

Photo of Grain Free Treats from Pup Mom Crate on Not So Mommy..., an infertility, childless, & dog mom blogNow, as I stated above, not every treat shared in Pup Mom Crate is grain-free.  But in every box we’ve received, there have been grain-free treats included that Maddie can enjoy.  She has gobbled up Nandi freeze-dried lamb, Yappetizers dehydrated chicken breast, The Pet Gourmet chicken & sweet potato treats, and more!  This dog mom LOVES that I get to spoil my fur baby with special, yummy stuff each month!

Brandi’s Faves…

Dog Mom Bangle…

World's Best Dog Mom Bangle Bracelet from Pup Mom Crate on Not So Mommy..., a childless dog mom blogArmoir Fashion created a special “World’s Best Dog Mom” bangle bracelet in collaboration with Pup Mom Crate.  This bracelet, with its single charm, was ethically crafted using recycled brass.  I proudly wear it often, as I love clothing and jewelry which shares a bit about my story.

With Love, Ani Pop Socket

I smiled when I saw the “Can I Pet That Dawg?” pop socket in the September box.  It’s on my cellphone and makes taking selfies with my girl so much easier!

Self-Care Products

Photo of Self-Care Products from Pup Mom Crate on Not So Mommy..., an infertility & childless blogDespite the fact that I often encourage the Not So Mommy… community to practice self-care, I’m not good about taking time for myself.  So, the body oil, face masks, nail masks, and lotion that I have received from Pup Mom Crate over the past five months have reminded me to take a moment for myself…

I try to use as many organic, vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free products as possible.  Some of the self-care products I’ve received have been, and some have not.  I have been impressed with the overall quality of the products, however.

Delivery Day…Photo of Maddie excited about her Pup Mom Crate on The Best Gift for Dog Moms on Not So Mommy..., a childless & dog mom blog

Each month, I anxiously await the arrival of our Pup Mom Crate.  When Maddie sees the box, she starts barking and running around, so excited to find out what treats and toys are inside!  Truly, I cannot wait to see what’s included in the December box.  And I plan continue our subscription throughout 2021.  The joy that opening Pup Mom Crate brings to me and my girl…  Well, it is 110% worth the $40 monthly subscription fee.

Want to get The BEST Gift for Dog Moms?!

Fabulous one, I really hope that you’ll put Pup Mom Crate on your Christmas Wish List.  Or better yet…  Spoil yourself and subscribe today!  That way, you can get the December crate!  (Even though it’s a monthly subscription, you can cancel anytime.  Though I don’t think you’ll want to!)

Click the image below to learn even more about Pup Mom Crate and sign-up for your monthly subscription.  (It’s only $40 a month to spoil your fur baby AND yourself!)

Use the exclusive Not So Mommy… coupon code “DOGMOMPROUD” to receive 10% off your first box!

Photo of Dog Mom and Fur Baby with Pup Mom Crate on Not So Mommy..., a childless & dog mom blog

Click image to learn more…

If anything I wrote resonates with you, fabulous one, please tell us about it in the comments.  (You can simply use an initial rather than your name, if you wish to remain anonymous.)
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Sherry November 16, 2020 - 4:51 pm

I love that you and Maddie have a special delivery each month. Your bond is even stronger, if that is even possible.🐾❤💚💜🐾


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