On Being Childless: An Autumn Wreath in Springtime…

by Brandi Lytle
Photo of several different wreaths on Not So Mommy... "On Being Childless: An Autumn Wreath in Springtime...," a childless blog

I love autumn.  It’s my favorite time of year.  In fact, I wrote a good things blog discussing the fact that I believe the season of fall is for the childless.  (You can read that here.)  While I have decorated the upstairs of our home with lots of pink, the downstairs is done in autumn tones, with chocolate brown, burnt orange, and deep reds, blues, and greens.  And one of my favorite home décor items is our wreath made of pumpkins and pinecones.  (How perfect is that?!)

An Autumn Wreath…

This striking wreath was hung prominently in our living room for many months.  After all, pumpkins work in the fall and pinecones work in the winter.  So, I can leave it up from September through February, at least!


As April rolled around, I decided that I should replace my beautiful wreath with one more appropriate for spring and summer.  But I love my wreath and didn’t want to tuck it away in some closet until September comes around.  So, I walked around the house to see if it would work anyplace else.  And I decided it would look absolutely gorgeous hanging above our bed, on one of the wooden walls in our master bedroom.

So, that’s where I put it.  I hung an autumn wreath in springtime…

An Autumn Wreath in Springtime…

And that’s when it dawned on me.  That’s what being childless is like.  It’s like being an autumn wreath in springtime.

What do I mean?

Well, although this wreath looks stunning in our master bedroom, there are those who would claim that this autumn wreath is out-of-place.  It is springtime, after all.

And isn’t that what we childless often feel about ourselves?  We’re out-of-place.  I mean, everyone else has kids, after all.

And during May…  On Mother’s Day…  Ugh.  These out-of-place feelings often intensify, sometimes to the point that we just can’t stand it anymore.

So, what do we do?  Well, we put the wreath away.  We hide it in a closet, agreeing with the rest of the world that it just shouldn’t be displayed at the wrong time of year…

But why?  Why should I hide my wreath away?  I adore this wreath.  Although it is not a traditional springtime decoration like my yellow flowers, ceramic blue bird, and beautiful feathers, it still makes a lovely addition to our home.  And placing it in a noticeable location above the bed…  Well, I like it there.

Not traditional, yet beautiful…

And that made me think…

Why should I hide away this time of year, hanging out in the background, waiting for a more “appropriate” time to allow myself to shine?

I adore my dog mom and host mom roles.  Although they are not traditional mom roles like those who have given birth or adopted, I still make a lovely addition to this world.  And allowing myself to take a noticeable location in life…  Well, why shouldn’t I?

So, I refuse to tuck myself away, to feel out-of-place, to believe that this isn’t my time of year…Photo of pumpkin and pinecone autumn wreath on "On Being Childless: An Autumn Wreath in Springtime..." on Not So Mommy..., a childless blog

I am redefining May.  Yes, I am an autumn wreath in springtime.  Not traditional, yet stunning in my own striking way…

Don’t ever forget that!  Fabulous one, you are beautiful.  You are worthy.  You are stunning in your own striking way!


If anything I wrote resonates with you, please tell us about it in the comments.

Make sure to check back on Wednesday for a special edition blog, “Redefining May by Redefining Momhood…”

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Judith Riddell October 11, 2019 - 6:10 pm

Beautiful thanks xx

Brandi Lytle October 14, 2019 - 11:10 am

Thank you for reading. Hugs…

Sherry Stout June 1, 2019 - 10:43 am

As I re-read this blog I hear even more joy in your written word; more self-confidence; more self assurance. It made my day, my week, the month of May, so very happy.

Brandi Lytle June 3, 2019 - 8:56 am

I’m always grateful when the true heart behind my words comes through… I’m so glad this blog helped make your May “so very happy!” 🙂 Hugs…

Sherry Stout May 6, 2019 - 2:57 pm

Yes. You. Are. ??


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