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I am a proud member of Blog with Integrity and strive to boldly speak with my true, authentic voice both here on Not So Mommy…™ and in my personal life.

That being said, I have gone through my own infertility struggle and am now an expert dog mom, aunt, host mom, wife, just uniquely me, but I am definitely NOT an infertility specialist, medical professional, or veterinarian.  If you have questions about your health or any family member’s health (two or four-legged), please consult the appropriate medical professional.


Not So Mommy…™ is designed to provide information and motivation to readers.  This information is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional advice.  The information contained in the blogs, emails, and social media posts is the sole expression and opinion of its author(s).  Therefore, if you wish to apply ideas contained in the blogs, emails, and/or social media posts, you are taking full responsibility for your choices, actions, and results.

Product Reviews, Campaigns, and/or Sponsored Posts

Not So Mommy…™ is my full-time job, so obviously, I need to make money for doing this work.  Any product reviews, campaigns, and/or sponsored posts are written by me, Brandi Lytle, and do not reflect the opinions of any other person or company.  Although I may receive compensation for reviews, campaigns, and sponsored posts, I never write about products or services that I don’t believe in and most of the time, I use them.  As I initially stated, I am a member of Blog with Integrity; therefore, I strive to write this blog with complete transparency and honesty.  If you’d like to work with me, please email me at notsomommy.com@gmail.com

The Positive Affirmation CANBACE

Not So Mommy…™ supports the positive affirmation CANBACE, is a loyal participant of the #CanbaceLife Twitter Chat, a proud “flamingo” for Canbace Day, and has collaborated on several projects with Nicci Fletcher, of CanbaceLife.com.  Not So Mommy…™, however, is NOT an owner or founder of Canbace Life and has no administrative access to post on CanbaceLife.com or any of its social media accounts.

Copyright – Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License

All Not So Mommy…™ content, including the name, photos, text, and logos, are copyrighted and protected by a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.  Please, go to https://creativecommons.org for more information about appropriate use of information published by Not So Mommy…™


If you have any questions about my Disclosure Policy, please email me at notsomommy.com@gmail.com

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Updated 31 January 2019